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A Bright, Vibrant Blue Diamond
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The Beauty Within is the Beauty of All

March 18, 2017, John Æonid

Take a moment, and set those things aside.  Don't think about what they are;  this is not a review.  Pay attention.  This is something that I've been playing with for some time.  It starts with a question, a simple question, a yes-or-no question: can you think of something that you can regard in your heart as beautiful?  Again, that was just a yes-or-no question, and I'm assuming you answered: “yes”.  If not, try again.  There must have been something, at some time, in your past, that you regarded as beautiful.  Not pretty;  this is not about superficial attractiveness.  Somewhere, sometime, something must have moved you—moved you within.

I'm also betting that, although this was a yes-or-no question, you actually did think of something beautiful.  What was it?  Are there other things in there?  Do you have any trouble bringing them to mind?  You don't do you?  Just to ask if they're there is to bring a few to mind.  Go into them;  go into any one of them;  go into all of them.  Be there.  Be in the beauty.  If it's something that had once moved you, let it move you now.  Cry if you feel like it.  Laugh if you want to.  Let a smile open you up as widely and as brilliantly as you can be.

Now realize, this is your magic power.  However mundane it seems, it's more important than you can imagine.  So much of our culture is led to believe it must chase things outside of it, consume things that must be purchased, and feel unfulfilled for not gorging ourselves on something that can never truly fill us.  But, fulfillment must come from within, and it's not complicated.

You do not need a master's permission or a guru's permission to access it.  You did it just now.  Yes, I asked you to—but there's nothing stopping you from doing this any time you want.  You don't need my permission or anyone else's.  For this magic power, you get to be the master;  you are your own master.

Here's why this is so important.  We all have this power.  This power is utterly essential to our social nature.  It is the thing that allows us to value each other.  If we could not see beauty, then we could not see beauty in others.  We would not be able to see the beauty in other people's hearts.  You already know this.  If you think I'm the one telling you, then you've simply forgotten something you've always known.

It's this capacity to see beauty that gives value to human life.  The entire Universe would be devoid of beauty if there were not beings within to experience it, and it would be devoid of meaning and divinity.  This ability to see beauty is our most divine magic—because it is the seed of all the meaning in life—all of it!

You can fulfill yourself with this inner beauty alone.  Anything you think is missing from the World around you is already inside you.  If you want the World around you to have this beauty—than radiate.  Yes, simply radiate.

But, there's more.  Once you recognize that you have this capacity, then you will realize that you see the beauty in others.  You will experience every day what had allowed yourself to believe was missing.  It's there.  Just look.  See people smile.  See the way a smile animates a person.  See how every expression of emotion breathes life into a person.  The beauty is there.  You already experience it.  You already know it.

And yet, there's still more.  Not only do you get to know this power is in you, and you begin to have the daily blessing of experiencing the beauty of others, but you will come to know and understand that, because the ability is in you, this also means that others experience you as having this beauty.  You will begin to feel the way others see that beauty, and it will be the Love that everyone craves so much.  It's already there.  Really, it is.  Set aside any belief that prevents you from seeing it.  This is a time to radiate.

And, here's the grand finally—how this mundane magic is really the seed of the greatest mastery of all.  Once you can see beauty, once you can see how others see beauty, once you see that this is Love directed at everyone—including you, it will be then that you are open to what is perhaps the most liberating and wonderful experience of all.  You won't simply see this capacity for Love within you, it won't simply be a recognition that you have the ability.  You will see your own beauty, and something wonderful will happen.  There are those who go entire lifetimes without this.  But, you'll know it when it happens.  You will be moved.  You will be moved in your heart by the simple recognition of the beauty you are.  You may cry, and that will be beautiful.  You may laugh, and that will be beautiful.  You may both laugh and cry.  Wonderful!  You will be moved in your heart by your own beauty.  This is self love.  Yes, this is the big spiritual prize, the big liberation;  this is Self Love.

Our capacity to remember beauty is our capacity to be fulfilled within, and it is our capacity to radiate beauty and Love into a World that needs it so badly.  Would it not be a wonderful thing if we could simply serve the World by simply being fulfilled.  And, if all we need is the recognition that beauty exists within us, then the only thing that holds us back are misguided beliefs.  Don't hold back;  radiate.

There is nothing here that hasn't been said before.  The progression is so obvious that there must be many authors who have laid this out in much the same manner.  But, think about me.  Can you tell how charged I am to be writing this.  This is a flow of consciousness.  I'll go back and correct a little errors, but, I already know this will stand just as it has spilled out of my mind and into this keyboard.  No, I'm not in some mystical trance—I'm in the beauty.  Use your power to see beauty.  Look into my heart.  Feel how charged I feel.  Feel that vibration.  There!  That's it.  Radiate that into the World.  You already have everything you need—everything the World needs.  Share it.  Radiate!  DO IT!  Do it NOWRADIATE.


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