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Cultural Samsara

Nov. 8, 2019, John Æonid — VERY ROUGH DRAFT, YET TO BE PROOFED

Fashions come and fashions go. But more than that, generations all go through stages, and it seems they tend to repeat the stages experienced by previous generations, only the fashion was different for each geration.

This is not the first in the series on Anti-patterns of Thinking, but I still feel the others need revising.  This one is definitely impulsive, but I'm getting a little impatient with myself.  So, I apologize in advance if it's courseness ruffles any feathers.

The developmental stages of childhood, adolescence, and you adulthood are all well documented in psychology.  And, I'm really not shocking people with any grand revelation that there will be fashions that emerge with each of these stages.  It's not even worth giving any examples.  Each generation remembers some fad game or trick that was going around.  Sometimes the grups (Star Trek reference, original series) will try a thing out, and the kids will make fun of them for trying.  It's really nothing new, though it's all about the very latest thing.

The dysfunction or anti-pattern here is how we think we're finally going to conquer the age old problem that previous generations had failed to solve and then grow up and get absorbed into the machine, until we fade away—hoping to get one last fragment of recognition, just so much as a hug from our grandchildren on our way out.

It's complete but obsolete
All tomorrow's become yesterday
In demand but second hand
It's been heard before you even play

Up to date but came too late
Better get yourself another name
You're so right but overnight
You're the one who has to take the blame
— from Looking for Today by Black Sabbath

Those lyrics were from an album published almost 50 years ago.  Again, I'm not really making any earth-shattering revelations here.  We've all had glimpses of this as we go.  But if we see it as a kind of samsara, doesn't beg the question: how do we break out of it an into nirvana?

I was just short of being a teenager when the song Looking for Today was released, and the hippie revolution was already beginning to fade.  I am tagged as being part of that geration, a BOOMER, but I only got to be part of the growing apathy as that movement faded.  Oh, we embraced the values.  We just didn't have any momentum to do anything about it.

Oh, and just think of those who revelled in claiming that the hippie revolution was a failure.  Actually, it wasn't really a failure.  It most definitely resulted in a significant cultural shift.  It was almost like a kind of kensho, a little awakening.  But, then disco and the "me" generation emerged.  I guess that was supposed to be my generation.  But then the prepies and the yuppies emerged, and things really got sick.

The point is that it's really three steps foward and two steps back.  Or, is it two steps foward and three back?  It's hard to tell.  I think that there is actual progress, but it's so painfully slow that it's so hard to tell if it's there.

One thing to point out is that I've come to notice that if I say I don't like something in a calm tone I sometimes get a dismissive response.  I say I don't like a thing, and then I'm told "oh no, this is really the way it should be".  In those situations, it doesn't matter how I phrase it, logically, emotionally, I get a dismissive reponse.  It isn't until I !@$#!@$#!@ SHOUT that they're suddenly take aback and say "oh, I guess you really don't like that".

Why is it that we're not believed until we get irrational?  Why do we have to shout before they pay attention.  Well, look around.  Do you see whose shouting.  Do they sound irrational?  That's because people wouldn't listen. That's the pain talking.  If you want them to be rational then pay attention before they start shouting.

I write this just a few days after I've become aware of the OK BOOMER movement. And, just a week or two ago, I saw where Barack Obama warns of the lack of action the comes from only hash tagging, as if hash tagging alone can really change things. Attitudes it might change, slowly, oh so slowly.  Remember, fashion changes quickly, but fashion changes quickly--replacing itself as it goes.  Just watch how quickly a thing fades when the apathy sets in--just as it had for us.

So, if your engaging in any shouting, do you really want finger pointing to be the only thing you do?  Prayer to Greta Thunberg.

Again, it's always been a thorn in my side that I was tagged as a BOOMER.  (BTW, labels are another anti-pattern of thinking.)  I came in at the tail end of it and had to suffer my adolesence through the transitional apathy before the me generation emerged.  I pray for those who are about to experience the same.  And, if I manage to pass any manner of useful seed onto them, it'll by allowing them to be who they are.  After all, it's their experience from which the new perspective will emerge.  Our experience has already been imprinted on the culture, and it's our final duty to clear any taint we might have left behind.  From there, the best we can do is back them when they need it, but otherwise let them do who they are.

So, this is a taste of the things that arise from generation to generation. The fashion changes, but the pattern continues.

And, then we wonder: if our generation only made a tiny bit of progress, what will then be enough to escape the vacuum that pulls you into the machine?  With such minute progress as the end nears, how many more generations will have to suffer the latest fashion until one finally escapes the machine.  We once thought that we were close--oh so close.  And, now we fade.  "All tomorrows become yesterday."

Normally, I like to end on an up-beat, vibration rising note.  But, not here.  This the shadow section.  Welcome to cultural samsara.


Nov. 8, 2019 Shadow
I've replaced the home page, though the old is retained, and I'm going deeper into shining light on the shadow, taking more risks..

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Oct. 20, 2016 New Website!
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