A Bright, Vibrant Blue Diamond
A Bright, Vibrant Blue Diamond
John Æonid, Reflections in a Personal Web Site
John Æonid, Reflections in a Personal Web Site

High Vibration Links

This listing will be separate from the main links page and will only lead to content that I find raises vibration just by enjoying the content.

Feb. 3, 2017: This one lifts me so far beyond it all, I feel like I'm dancing with the angels: Learn to Fly - Foo Fighters Rockin1000 Official Video.  It's a thousand of them, all in harmony—and so full of enthusiasm, hearts shining bright.  It's so beautiful, the simle is so sweet, I just want to burst.

Jan. 30, 2017: A lovely video from EssentialDegnities on YouTube with the opening tracks of In Search of the Lost Chord (on Wikipedia), from the start of “Departure” transitioning into “Ride My See-Saw” (on Wikipedia).


Nov. 8, 2019 Shadow
I've replaced the home page, though the old is retained, and I'm going deeper into shining light on the shadow, taking more risks..

May 14, 2017 Listing
I'm now generating a chronological list of postings here (in addition to the sitemap).

Jan. 14, 2017 WOT
I now participate in WOT.

Oct. 20, 2016 New Website!
This is truly in its infancy.  There is much that I want to share, yet it's just beginning.

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