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Digits of Pi, Skit

Mar. 19, 2021, John Æonid

I always wanted to memorize more than just a few digits of Pi, but never managed to get them locked into memory.  Yet, I watched a video on Pi today, so I looked it up again and realized I could turn it into a kind of “Who's on First” routine.  Burns and Allen came to mind for the bit, and would work as such, but would really be better as an Abby an Leo bit.  But, I change the names to avoid offending anyone (and of course, they not intended to represent any actual persons).

  1. Narrator: Abby and Leo are having a casual conversation with a Professor of Mathematics. Let's listen in.
  2. Professor: Now perhaps one or both of you is familiar with the circumference of a circle, Pi?
  3. Abby: Yes, it's three point one four.
  4. Leo: one five.
  5. Abby: No Leo, it's three point one four.
  6. Leo: one five.
  7. Abby: Leo…
  8. Professor: Actually, that's correct.
  9. Abby: But, professor, every school kid knows it's three point one four.
  10. Leo: one five.
  11. Abby: Now cut that out.
  12. Professor: Strangely, you're both right.
  13. Abby: But, Professor, how can we both be right?
  14. Professor: It seems that you are more correct together than separate.
  15. Abby: What???
  16. Professor: You see, “one” and “five” are the digits that follow the digits “one” and “four”.
  17. Abby: Professor, are you saying that when I say “three point one four” Leo is correct to add “one five”.
  18. Leo: Yes, it's three point one four one five.
  19. Professor: Correct! Leo has it right.
  20. Abby: Now Leo, how did you know that?
  21. Leo: I read the script.
  22. Abby: Leo!!!
  23. Narrator: Well, that's enough math for the moment.  Now, if we can just get the gag to work with ninety-two and sixty-five.

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