A Bright, Vibrant Blue Diamond
A Bright, Vibrant Blue Diamond
John Æonid, Reflections in a Personal Web Site
John Æonid, Reflections in a Personal Web Site

About Religion And Spirituality

What I write here is meant to be constructive, but not restrictive.  I strongly endorse and support liberty and self determination.  Those who make a distinction between Religion and Spirituality often do so to distance themselves from the shadow aspects of Religion, as it is, in this century, commonly regarded as a significant issue.  And, I am just such a person.  Fear has become such a powerful force for Tyranny, and it has become so ingrained and layered (a topic about which I will be writing later—the essential reason for starting this web site).  I will be honest and admit that religious doctrine and institutions are not all shadow; they do provide community bonding and other things.  And, there are many genuinely good people who still partake of traditional Religion.  But, the religious institutions and doctrines that began their decline just last century are still entangled with the shadows on this World.  I must focus on spiritual aspects that are primarily liberating, specifically at an individual level.  I won't ask anyone to turn against anything that is not shadow—regardless of cultural origin.  And, I have no intent to be oppositional, polarizing, divisive, aggressive, or such.  I want to offer positive perspectives for those who want to move the meaningful aspects of their inner selves, social selves, and lives in a positive and constructive direction.


Nov. 8, 2019 Shadow
I've replaced the home page, though the old is retained, and I'm going deeper into shining light on the shadow, taking more risks..

May 14, 2017 Listing
I'm now generating a chronological list of postings here (in addition to the sitemap).

Jan. 14, 2017 WOT
I now participate in WOT.

Oct. 20, 2016 New Website!
This is truly in its infancy.  There is much that I want to share, yet it's just beginning.

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