A Bright, Vibrant Blue Diamond
A Bright, Vibrant Blue Diamond
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January 17, 2017, John Æonid

Remember the Beauty?  The Inner Beauty?  You do, don't you?

That smile that grows from that center.  That shinning inner face, the one that can only be seen with the Heart.

You do it every chance you get, don't you?  Bring it to mind.  Do it now.  Yes, now.

We live in granduer.  Grandeur of color, of form, or expression.  We mirror that grandeur with every smile.  We share that grandeur every moment in which we share a heart-felt expression.

Associate it with the word “Hello”—that way you'll bring it mind every time you greet someone.  Do it for all the greetings you offer—and receive.  Yes, every one.

Ready?  Here it comes.  You have to be ready.  Ready?  Ready?  H-E-L-L-O.

There did that work?  Did you smile.  Did your heart smile?

You can always come back and try again.  Practice as often as you want.

It will make your heart sing.  Share that singing with those around you.  Share it in every greeting.  Every simple hello.  Every single hello.

It'll circle the globe.  It'll radiate out in all directions.  It'll become infused into everything—every essence of our being.

This will connect us all—connect us ever more deeply—ever more beautifly.

Do it over and over.  Do it always.  Send out.  Send it out now.

Go on.  Feel it.  Feel more connected.  Feel connected to the Universe.  Feel universally connected.  Do it!  DO IT!

NOW!  ~~~  NOW!  ~~~  NOW!  ~~~  NOW!  ~~~  NOW!  ~~~  NOW!  ~~~  NOW!  ~~~  NOW!  ~~~  NOW!  ~~~  NOW!  ~~~  NOW!

Let it radiate.  Show that Inner Smile.

Are you there?  Are you ready?


Ever Higher, Comments

January 10, 2017, John Æonid

Apparently, this thing I wrote yesterday was a bit of a surprise, a pleasant one thankfully. There are a few points I want to post from a texting conversation I had with my friend Paula. These are texts that I sent her (slightly edited, not verbatim):

Once you embrace the beauty of the Heart, a fantastically wonderful realm of beauty and wonder opens up to you, within you, and vast Universes shimmer and vibrate with all the lush rainbows of possibilities.

With the limits that people allow and the way they sink into coldness, imagine the World we'd have if everyone were to see the beauty in their own heart, everyone's heart, the Universal Heart.

Ever Higher

January 9, 2017, John Æonid

Do it.  Go on.  Do it!  Vibrate!  Higher.  Much higher.

You don't need me—yet we're already connected.  Yes, that connectedness feels good.  It's beautiful.

The galaxies are the flowers of the Universe.  And, the flowers are the stars of the meadow.  The flowers whisper in our hearts, as the stars sing like a choir of silver violins.  Those are the voices of the Angels calling to you, calling to us.

You wouldn't be here if you weren't ready for this.  You're ready now.  NOW!  DO IT!

Higher!  Much Higher.  You don't need anyone—yet we're all connected.  Can't you feel the heart?

Do it!  Go on.  Virbrate.  Higher!  Much Higher.

The colors of the breeze flow like brilliant satin ribbons through the trees.  The aromas for each color drift around you, each in turn—as if each aroma was a song that lifts you, lifts your heart—higher, ever higher.

You feel it.  I know you do.  I couldn't tell you this if I didn't feel it too, the connectedness—all the beautiful, so very beautiful, points of view.  As if we could see every side of a flower all at once, and then see every side of every flower everywhere all at once.

See the vibration of every galaxy radiating out, touching everything, everything everywhere.  The vibration reaches us all, the vibration of our hearts reaches everyone.

Higher, ever higher.  Vibrate!  Do it!  Higher.  Much higher.  I know it's possible.  I can feel it.  It's in me.  It's in you.  And, we are connected—yet we can do it without needing anything.

There are beauties greater than all of the flowers, greater than all of the galaxies.

Feel them.  Feel them now.  It builds.  Higher, ever higher.

Feel it press outward.  Don't hold it in.  Let it out.  Don't resist.  Let it expand.

Outward, ever outward.  It reaches everything.  It reaches everything everywhere.

The galaxies hear us sing.  The galaxies hear our hearts.

The self is for knowing others.  Know everyone.  Know God.  We are the Mirrors of God.

Every spirit reflects the others.  The beauty is known by everyone.  It sings in the hearts of all.  And, every angel hears every song.  We are all connected. 

There is no self without the others.  There is no whole without the connections.

Do it!  Vibrate!  Expand!

Know the beauty.  Know the beauty of the heart.  Know the beauty of your heart.  Know the beauty within.  It's everywhere.  It's in all of us.  It's in all of us everywhere—connecting everyone.

I know it.  I know it because I see it in you.  And, because I reflect it back to you, I know it's in me.  So, I know it's in everyone.

Let the other stuff fall away.  Let it drift out of your life.  Anything that constricts the connectedness—it falls out of view.  It's just not there anymore.

Expansion won't hold it.  Expand!  Do it!

Now!  ~~~  Now!  ~~~  Now!  ~~~  Now!  ~~~  Now!  ~~~  Now!  ~~~  Now!  ~~~  Now!  ~~~  Now!  ~~~  Now!  ~~~  Now!  ~~~ 

The light.  It's brilliant.  It grows.  It sings.  It surrounds you.  You are immersed.

A million silver violins gently sing.  The sky opens up.  Every galaxy comes into view.

The purpose is realized.  The purpose is known.  The purpose is fulfilled.

You know.  We share it.  The experience is ours.  It couldn't be any other way.

There.  Now!  The seed is planted within, forever and ever.

The bell is struck.  The bell sings.  Beautiful, the tone is unending, emanating from within us—always, forever.


Nov. 8, 2019 Shadow
I've replaced the home page, though the old is retained, and I'm going deeper into shining light on the shadow, taking more risks..

May 14, 2017 Listing
I'm now generating a chronological list of postings here (in addition to the sitemap).

Jan. 14, 2017 WOT
I now participate in WOT.

Oct. 20, 2016 New Website!
This is truly in its infancy.  There is much that I want to share, yet it's just beginning.

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